Do you know in which week of your moon cycle are you? Many women respond negatively to this question. The truth is that it is extremely important for you to plan your actions properly according to the hormones that prevail during each phase.
As women, we are influenced by the various hormones synthesized during the 4 weeks of our moon cycle. In the first two weeks after the cycle (follicular and ovulation) , estrogen levels are the highest, and this is a period for planning, setting the direction and communicating with the outside world. In the second two weeks (premenstrual and cycle), estrogen levels drop at the expense of progesterone that gets high. This is the best time to turn within and take care of our needs as well as take stock of the past.
We at 11 MOONS know that each woman goes through 4 different phases within 28 days and we have developed essential oil blends to support and empower the women in each phase. We now have the 5th Moon that meets the needs of menopause. Each period can become a source of power and inspiration for a woman if she learns to manage her energy properly.
That is why our oils come with a leaflet that will give you all the information you need, including confirmation for each week to always be in tune with your inner moon.
Essential oils are highly concentrated conductors of the spirit of the plants. Applied in small quantities they will make a big difference in your life.
We know your needs because we are women.
Tap into your inner wisdom.

New Moon – for the first week after your cycle. It helps you achieve clarity and set the new beginning.

Magnetic moon – the second week after the cycle – ovulation. It helps you to express all your charm and make your intentions and dreams come true.

Blue Moon – for the premenstrual week. It helps you calm the tension in your body and emotions.

Red Moon – for the week of the cycle. It soothes menstrual pain and connect you to your inner wisdom.

Silver moon – for menopause. It inspires a new energy for life and soothes all the symptoms of menopause.

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