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The use of essential oil affect the function of the chakras, organs and systems that it manages?
Chakras are energy vortexes in the human body that physically correspond to the endocrine glands and manage organs located in the area of ​​corresponding chakras.
The main chakras are 7 and they are associated with different levels of consciousness. The state of the chakras affects our health, emotions and our point of view. We can also influence the function of our chakras through practices such as yoga, breathing, meditation, walks in nature and … essential oils.

The secret of the healing and harmonizing effect of essential oils is in their miniature molecule, which passes through the membrane of the cell and enters it. So the influence of the oils is intracellular and changes the biochemistry of our body.
We, from 11 Moons, created special oil blends and affirmations for each of the chakras. Our oils also come with affirmation that reprogram the mind and enhance the effect of the composition.
The aura is an energy field that surrounds our body. The aura is unique to every person and changes at all times. It is therefore important to protect it from external influences and impacts. Aura spray will always keep you in a protective shield with golden glow, so your energy field is impenetrable.

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