My story


Hello, I am Devi and I am just like you – a woman who lives in the city. I have been trying for many years to escape, to be in the wild. But my mission keeps me in the urban environment, which inspires me to constantly  find ways to bring nature into the city. My mission is to inspire people to live in their Authentic Zone. So far I have created many projects, including two sacred spaces – Mandala Yoga Center and Trinity retreat house, that serve many people on a path to a more meaningful life. My path has gone through many twists, business careers, entrepreneurship, yoga, constellations, meditations, transformations, energy initiations, breathing sessions, essential oils, sensory experiences, dances, world wanderings and returning to my heart. I am an entrepreneur in my soul, and my business is always connected to the prosperity of more people. I am a person who loves the community and is glad to be at the service of every transformation.


My story


Mon – A mother, writer, yogini, aromatherapist. She combines many passions in her life, juggles with many balls, but never give up being herself. She likes to discover new and exciting combinations of yoga styles (mainly vinyasa and kundalini yoga). Wears on the waters of diversity and does not stop building new shores. The only anchor is her Goyogaflow blog, where she combines all her passions.

Mon is the co-founder of the High Vibrational Essential Mix 11 Moons, an assistant in aromatic yoga practices, an organizer of aromatic events and author of hundreds of articles.

Now she is on her own path, after leaving 11 MOONS.


That’s how 11 MOONS were born on a New Moon with the dream of two women – Me – Devi, and Mon, just like you who are looking for themselves and harmony, actually, the harmony within.

We embraced our common gifts and created these ritual high vibrational oils, whose formulas are not just the result of well-selected ingredients. One night we left our creative energy and knowledge of the fragrances and energy body and created formulas that became homogenous aromatic compositions.

On the wings of inspiration we spent long hours of mixing, inserting crystals, packing and charging the oils in crystal mandala.

At first we worked with Doterra’s oil and manually prepared each product. We used them mostly in our practices where we were enhancing the effect of yoga and other energy practices with the natural power of essential oils. People started wanting to buy them and so we went to the next phase – we created a product and a brand. In time, the need to offer a quality product to the urban people who are looking for a connection with themselves and the nature, we began to produce them in the laboratory of the highest standards.

Today, I, Devi, continue to develop 11 Moons, with the idea of ​​offering every woman a relationship with nature and with herself in the city.

This is the long story short. I hope you will also inspire and follow your own heart longing that will materialize in beautiful endeavors.

The Beginning